SeaPort-E Quality Assurance Plan

The Missing Link Security (MLS) Team plans to maximize efficiency and contain costs through an integrated management approach that utilizes the strengths of our team members AMSEC & Indigenous. We will be working together with a common Program Management Team as defined by the statement of work for each of the proposals submitted for the Seaport-e contract, a web-based application for sharing data for geographically separated team members; and drive quality products and support through a tailored, cost-effective, Quality Controlled/Quality Assurance (QC/QA) program.

When operating at this scale of coverage on Firm-Fixed Price Performance Based Service Contracts, management efficiency, best-practices implementation and cost savings are critical to successfully maintaining operations. MLS will follow similar practices, with input from our teammates, on how to best integrate professional support services within and across the Navy to institute best practices and realize cost savings. Additionally, the MLS team will assist prospective Navy clients in the selection of management services that will be best able to.

  • Increase deliverable/service availability
  • Realize cost savings based on operational efficiency
  • Minimize cost, time and risk factors for upgrades, expansions and consolidations
  • Create allowances in time for dedicated staff to focus on core business, new projects and continual maintenance of existing projects.
  • Enhance and broaden user experiences.

Integration is the key to providing improved capabilities and operational excellence necessary with today’s strain on budgets and limited manpower. We will begin each task by capturing information, integrating operations, and managing costs to support the Navy in a more efficient manner. A full understanding of the operational environment will allow the leveraging of existing investments, and these analyses will help bring new systems on-line with cost justification for capital expenditures.