For Government Contractors Seeking Teaming Partner
Top Secret Facility Clearance
CAGE Code: 1UV58
DUNS: 016890845
541199 All Other Legal Support Process Servicing Services, Chain of Custody Development
541512 Computer Systems Design Services Computer System Design and Integration Consulting Services including Security
541513 Computer Facility Management Services NOC, SOC Support
541519 Primary Other Computer Related Services Most commonly used for Computer Security
541611 General Management Consulting Services Site surveys, strategic planning
541618 Other Management Consulting Services Telecommunications consulting
541690 Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services – Security Consulting Technical Security Analyses
561210 Facilities Support Services Facility Security
561611 Investigation Services Skip Tracing, Private Investigations
561621 Security System Services Evaluation of physical security systems
611420 Computer Training Services Information Security Awareness
611430 Professional and Management Development Training Security Training
For Commercial Customers

Recent attacks on businesses from domestic and international hackers cost victims millions of dollars, damaged reputations, and disruption to normal operations. The need for Information Technology and cyber security is not something anyone business can ignore, especially in a world where more and more is done on computers or stored in computers.

So what can be done to protect your business? Missing Link Security offers customers approaches to best fit the needs and challenges specific to you. We offer digital forensic services to catch perpetrators when a crime occurs, penetration testing to measure your system’s security, vulnerability audits, incident response, employee cybersecurity awareness training, and IT security program development.

The implementation of Missing Link Security’s preventative services protect customers from costly breaches to their information that have irreversible consequences – once information is leaked it can never be undone. In those unfortunate times when your firewalls, anti-virus software and user accountability fail, Missing Link Security’s Quick Response Team can be mobilized nationwide to triage the situation – minimizing the extent of the damage.

For Individuals
What can an IT security company do for a single individual? You don’t have a network system to protect, you’re confident your email supplier has strong firewall and you update your antivirus software regularly. On an average day you wont need the backing and support of a full IT security team. However, crimes against individuals utilizing technology as the weapon of choice has increased. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (read press release here) an estimated 16.6 million people were victims of identity theft for a total financial loss of $24.7 billion! Missing Link Security’s Digital Forensics’ team plays a crucial role in righting the wrongs caused by fraud. Our team can be utilized to find the cyber bully causing extensive emotional damage to your child. Our experts can retrieve evidence someone tried to erase off a computer, tablet or smart phone in situations of harassment, extortion, or blackmail.   


Our approach varies with each customer.  By understanding your mission we are better able to provide a tailored solution that will allow your mission to succeed as well as provide better protection of your critical assets and leaving you a robust security program.

Missing Link Security is proud to provide a variety of services for a number of different government customers.

United States Chief Information Officer Cyber Security Directorate

Missing Link Security provides COMSEC engineering support to develop policy, standards, and strategy recommendations that ensure that Army networks and systems are secure and emerging integrated capabilities meet guidelines. MLS COMSEC Engineers have a strong understanding of Army enterprise architecture, COMSEC policies, public laws, regulations, procedures, and methods. MLS also provides executive administrative support. MLS executive assistant provide workflow management services, assist with staffing actions, provide records management, and process continuity support.

MLS also works to protect that Army’s vital networks and infrastructure to allow the Army to complete its mission on and off the battlefield, preventing network outages or data tampering that may disrupt the Army’s ability to protect the nation at home and aboard. MLS improves the Army’s network defense posture by providing key infrastructure to ensure availability, authentication, integrity, non-replication, and confidentiality.

Under Information Assurance, MLS provides technical support to the Government in the incorporation of policy into appropriate regulations and pamphlets; in drafting, reviewing, revising, and delivering Cybersecurity/IA policy documents to the Cybersecurity Directorate, and in responding to DA Staff and organizations’ oral and written queries regarding Cybersecurity/IA policy. Duties entail a thorough knowledge of Risk Management Framework, FISMA, and FIPS.

Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate

MLS provides support to the S&T client in program analysis; tracking and reporting; organizational and market assessments; program and communication coordination; technology research and technical feasibility; test and evaluation; and studies and analysis related to program management, engineering, and technical services for current, potential, and proposed Research and Development (RDP) programs. MLS supports S&T RDP in conducting its research projects more effectively and efficiently, and to introduce and enhance technological products, services, systems, and capabilities to Federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement organizations.

MLS also operates as an IT issue support facilitator, ensuring that problematic IT issues are submitted to the helpdesk and resolved. This work involves installing software as well as information and system equipment such as KVM switchboxes, physically checking network connections, and changing out Network Interference Cards (NIC).

Other duties include Network Vulnerability scanning, Foreign Travel Device Scanning, and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), in which we are tasked as the Token Administrator (TA) and Local Registration Authority (LRA), In these roles, MLS helps to protect security for domestic systems as well as those than will be used abroad, bolstering national security in the process. As demonstrated, our excellent abilities at improving and sustaining superior work allow DHS S&T to meet its mission.

Department of Commerce

MLS personnel supporting National Security Solution & Services (NS3) perform a variety of activities to assist the NS3 in providing enterprise-wide national security program oversight, guidance, reviews, and the evaluation of assets and technologies deployed throughout NS3 networks. Collectively, these networks have a total of approximately 1000 users nationwide (CONUS only).

MLS supports the Department of Commerce mission through our expertise in Risk Management Framework, drawing specifically on our previous experience with the Department of Commerce Comptroller of the Currency Information Security Officer Contract., MLS personnel supporting NS3 perform a variety of activities to assist the NS3 in providing enterprise-wide national security program oversight, guidance, reviews, and evaluation of assets and technologies deployed throughout NS3 networks.  MLS is well versed in the application of the rigorous OMB requirements, Federal Information Security Modernization Act 2014 (FISMA 2014), latest version of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-37, NIST SP 800-53, NIST 800-53A, NIST 800-59, NIST SP 161, and other associated NIST standards for RMF (sensitive-but-unclassified (SBU) systems,  NIST SP 161, and other associated NIST standards for RMF (sensitive-but unclassified (SBU) systems).