Brian Petty Wins Under Secretary’s Award for Special Achievement

MLS is very excited to announce that our employee, Brian Petty, was part of a team that received the Under Secretary’s Award for Special Achievement today. 

We are truly honored to have Brian as a part of our team and while we were there his Federal Customers & co-workers made it a point to tell us what a valuable asset, hard worker, and all around great guy Brian is.

Even more amazing is that Brian was one of only a handful of individuals who received an award that work for a Small Business. We were proud to see Brian up there with all of the big name company employee; representing for MLS and Small Businesses. 

The actual award was as follows:

“The Under Secretary’s Award for Special Achievement – Recognizes and individual or team for exceptional effort resulting in concrete results that clearly and measurable further the mission of S&T to a degree deemed worthy of special recognition. The SAFETY Act Team received this award for strengthening our nations homeland security by substantially expanding the scope of anti-terrorism capabilities deployed to protect U.S. critical infrastructure.”