kids smiling (300x200)On September 30, 2013 the Greater Mount Vernon (GMV) Community Head Start program in Alexandria, Virginia held a successful lock-down drill based on Emergency Preparedness and Personal Safety Training presented by Missing Link Security.

Anne Taggart, GMV Community Head Start Coordinator, updated lead instructor and CEO Dave Abdo on the drills:
“Head Start at Children’s Center went extremely well! Teachers had practiced with children on what to do and very quickly went into the lock, close, down drill when it was announced. Immediately the building went from being noisy to being able to hear a pin drop. During the drill Mr .Tom went around trying locked doors and banging on them. Children stayed quiet and did not respond at all!! Teachers did a fabulous job!!”

Mr. Abdo is proud of Head Start for taking the initiative to increase preparedness of both Staff and students for emergencies.  “I am especially impressed with the results of the first real practice conducted after receiving training, by the Head Start class at Children’s Center.  It is a dramatic improvement over past experiences and drills.  Their commitment to enact the procedures I taught them, and inclusion of children, shows true dedication to safety and preparedness.”

Mr. Abdo presented the class as part of the offerings from the company’s PHYLEO division. PHYLEO specializes in private investigation offering services for elder and child abuse cases, advanced digital forensics using EnCase® Certified Examiners, physical security solutions, remote wireless surveillance, and NRA-certified firearm instruction.