In response to the demand for heightened security for our nation’s educators and students, Missing Link Security’s PHYLEO division presented Emergency Preparedness and Personal Safety Training to the Greater Mount Vernon (GMV) Community Head Start program in Alexandria, Virginia. Over fifty management, teaching, and administrative staff attended the two-hour presentation integrating use of videos, group discussion, and active simulations. Special attention was paid to the following topics: Active Shooter Response, School Safety and Community Shared Facilities, Specific Safety Situations, Reading Body Language, De-escalating Angry Individuals, Conducting Home Visits Safely, and Emergency Planning – Policies and Procedures.

Anne Taggart, GMV Community Head Start Coordinator, commented on the effectiveness of the Lockdown Procedure discussion:

“The information you [Missing Link Security] shared was thought provoking and informative. Using the power point slides, I was able to put together a concise what to do in the event of a lockdown presentation. I was also able to develop a three word mnemonic related to lockdown that I will have my teachers use to develop a ditty. The teachers will then use this ditty to begin to prepare children on how to calmly implement a lockdown.”

Missing Link Security believes greatly in the need to provide our nation’s educators with tools and skills to remain calm and informed during situations that pose danger to our students. Dave Abdo, class instructor and Missing Link Security’s President and CEO, said:

“I believe in a comprehensive and balanced approach to school safety that includes all school personnel, parents, and students. There are many important roles for support staff in crisis prevention and intervention. Crisis planning is never complete; plans must be continually reviewed and practiced. It is paramount to establish relationships with key community partners such as law enforcement and emergency management.

For Head Start, community use and sharing of facilities is one of the more difficult and at times contentious concerns for security personnel and administrators. It made this presentation very difficult and very rewarding at the same time. We provided the Head Start faculty and staff initial training necessary to keep children and themselves safe in such a turbulent environment. More needs to be done, a subject for another day…”

Mr. Abdo presented the class as part of the offerings from the company’s PHYLEO division. PHYLEO specializes in private investigation offering services for elder and child abuse cases, advanced digital forensics using EnCase® Certified Examiners, physical security solutions, remote wireless surveillance, and NRA-certified firearm instruction.