Today’s hackers are successfully targeting organizations of all sizes across all industry sectors. Recent analyst and media reports make clear that attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, more frequent, and their consequences more dire. Most organizations with proprietary data are at risk of having its network perimeter breached and critical assets compromised. Since time is critical during a cyber-breach, we established a Quick Response Team (QRT) to address immediate customer-driven security assessments, such asIndependent Verification and Validation (IV&V) and Penetration Testing, on tight deadlines to sustain information assurance activities in support of a wide variety of customers. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized customer service and rapid response times through our knowledgeable team, which utilizes a broad range of technical assessment tools and experience, while keeping current on the industry’s leading technical certifications.

Our QRT’s primary objective is to rapidly respond to and manage a customer’s cybersecurity event or incident within 24 hours of notification; in a way that limits damage, increases the confidence of external stakeholders, and reduces system recovery time and associated costs.


When you need technical subject matter experts to assess the security posture of your infrastructure, look no further than Missing Link Security’s QRT!